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Who writes Beautiful Basics?

 My name is Kassie and I’m a chronically ill 28-year-old from a small town in Oregon. I have a passion for all things beauty and green living. I write about natural and organic beauty products as well as DIY beauty recipes and other odds and ends. I'm also an animal lover and believe beauty should be cruelty free. I'm a proud cat mommy and vegetarian.

I’m not an expert or a professional but I have learned a lot about beauty and skin care by experimenting and teaching myself. I like to keep my posts as positive as possible. I love testing out products but I only write about the ones I love. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy!

I also have a blog that chronicles my life living with chronic illness.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Salt Spray for Beach Babe Waves

The first official day of summer took place during this past weekend, and I couldn't be any more thrilled than I am at this moment! Summer is my favorite season, hands down. I love lounging by the pool (covered in SPF, of course), wearing cute floral dresses, short shorts, and being able to play in the sunshine all day long. No matter what your reasoning for loving summer may be, I'm sure you agree that there is no better season to keep your look casual, relaxed, and super laid back.

I don't know how you feel about this, but I can't stand the thought of straightening my hair when the mercury rises. Going through my standard straightening routine is not my idea of a good time when the temperatures are way above the 80s or 90s. Summer is the perfect time to give our hair a much needed break from styling, so why not embrace loose waves instead?

No hairstyle says summer to me like loose, beachy waves. I absolutely love the look of waves, and I think it's an extremely flattering style on anyone and everyone. There are numerous companies who produce and sell sea salt or wave spray, but why buy it when you can make it yourself? It's so easy and if you're anything like me you like to know exactly what is in your beauty products.

You will need:

  • A spray bottle (You can find these almost anywhere and they usually cost $1)
  • Distilled Water
  • A few teaspoons of sea salt (The more salt you add into your mixture, the more textured your hair will be – so this is all based on personal preference)
  • Jojoba oil, olive oil, or even conditioner if you would prefer. This is to counteract the drying effect that the salt can have on your hair.


You just need to fill your bottle with the distilled water, leaving enough room to add the salt and oil/conditioner. Remember – the amount of salt depends on how much texture the spray will give your hair but I would suggest using at least 2 teaspoons. After adding the sea salt, you can then put in your light oil. I used jojoba oil, but if you would prefer to use conditioner or another type of oil please feel free to do so. I put in about 5 or 6 small drops.

All you need to do now is shake to mix all of the ingredients together. I told you it was simple! You'll need to shake the mixture before using it every single time, because the ingredients have a tendency to separate. You can either spray into damp or dry hair and just "scrunch" with your fingers or twist into sections and let dry before taking down. Run your fingers through it to give it a more natural look and you're all set!

Happy Summer beauties!


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Happy Sharon Summer Scorcher is a Hot Blast, Kassie. Thank You for your Sea Salt Spray Hair Care Advice. It's been a Sweet Success for my Stunning Blonde Hair. I Love my Fave P&G Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner for leaving No Trace of Residue and KMS California HAIRPLAY Makeover Spray with Rice Powder to Absorb the Excess Oil. Not Bad for a Family 1st Sharon, Pennsylvania Girl to Use P&G Pantene and KMS California Hair Care Products. Keep Up the Good Work, Kassie. K Girl Power!!


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